Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mujeres Venezolanas Follando

Shopping center in

Saturday morning, a sun that puts a strain on your change of season and makes you hate the windows where it is already Christmas and the desire to buy ....
Girgia played on an outfit and black leggings, maxy Marilyn shirt, boots low suited to address the cobblestones between a store and another and my beloved Prada.
The booty brought home I have to admit it was not the best, but give me a few flakes, a trip to Sephora to recover from the disappointment of not being even a risucire to accapararmi Rossettini collezzione Disney put the Mac and all the bras Tezenis deals only 5 € and I'm happy.
Add to that lunch at the Villa Borghese with lots of little walk after lunch and go home happy.


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